Why every Civil Engineer must learn PEB? And What’s so special about it?

With my experience as a steel design engineer for the past 7 years, I can confidently convey that, the volume of Steel buildings which are coming to existence are getting increased year by year.

You can ask me, where’s the data..? Or how do we believe such a blunt statement.

To answer that, actually I don’t have any data with me.

For this one, “I” am the data and is purely out of my experience.

Before 7 years, when I was starting my career. I used to work on around 2 or 3 projects per month. That is the maximum.

But now, that number got up to 2 to 3 times per month. And trust me, that’s a really huge number for a mid-sized design consultancies in India. And I am talking only about me. I do have my fellow engineers working exactly like me.

Being said that, what would be the reason behind it? Or why all of a sudden, everyone is trying to construct a PEB structure instead of conventional steel or RCC?

To move down strategically, I will explain this in two sub-parts.

  1. Industry Growth
  2. Career Opportunity & Demand

Industry Growth:

  • The Global Pre Engineered building market is forecasted to have a market value of 45.03 Billion USD by 2029.
  • And the market cap for Indian PEB market is going to be around 50.72 Billion USD.
1. https://www.databridgemarketresearch.com/reports/global-pre-engineered-building-market
2. https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/reports/india-pre-engineered-buildings-market-2565

What does these things mean to a common civil or structural engineer.?

So, being located in India, and being in the stream of civil engineering, the most important thing a graduate or an experienced civil engineer should think about is their future in this industry. Since, there is going to be a great opportunities in PEB for the upcoming years. Having PEB design or estimation as an additional skill is a add-on value that you bring to the table. Which might give you a new job opportunity or an opportunity to grow in your current work place.

And this leads to our second part – “Career Opportunities”. Really is there such a vacancy available for PEB design?

Career Opportunity & Demand:

Considering the current growth in the sector, obviously it is going to take up more resources as well. To talk about the career opportunities in PEB, there are various positions from estimation till erection. Just listed some roles as follows.

  1. PEB Estimation Engineers
  2. PEB Design Engineers
  3. PEB Detailing Engineers
  4. Fabrication Engineers
  5. Erection Engineers

The burgeoning PEB market is creating a significant demand for skilled professionals across these various roles. This is evident in the increasing number of job postings on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, specifically mentioning PEB design expertise.

Don’t believe me, check it out for urself. Just go to job portals like “Indeed” and search “PEB” and see how many jobs being listed.

(Check below video, at timestamp 03:25 and see for yourself)

These huge openings make me further more curious that, what might be the reason behind it…?

  1. PEB actually creates a niche-skillset which is not readily available with every graduate engineers.
  2. It requires a specific understanding of each components and their interactions. For example, how bracings transfer wind forces effectively. (If you would like to know further on this topic, you can check out my video on bracing or my article on Bracings).
  3. And finally, one must have a good understanding of the manufacturing and erection process of PEB to work out an efficient design. Which might involve choosing the right size of the tapered sections to minimize the wastage.

With this said, the problem here is, “these skills are not taught in our curriculum”. And only now, some of the PEB companies started to bring some professional training courses on PEB.

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